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Monday, May 30, 2011

How to erase a background


If you have an image that has
a solid background and
you want to erase it, this
is a quick and easy way.

Make sure you have your layer
pallet open.
You will see that it says...background

Right Click on where it says Background
and click on Promote to Background Layer

Now go to the magic wand and
click on it
5th icon down

Now click on the background you
want to remove and you will see
all the ants crawling around it.

Go to Edit / Clear

Now go to Selections / Select None
You will then be left with just the image
you want left.

Thats it.
You can either make your image into
a tube by going to File / Export/Picture Tube
Name the Tube then do OK.

You can take it into Animation Shop
and save as a Gif.

this tutorial was written by Ann Smith If there is any resemblance to any other tutorials, it's coincidental..Please do not claim this Tutorial as your own..Thank you.

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