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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Bug Express

Bug Express

Supplies needed

mask of your choice

I'm using a PTU scrap kit by  Black Orchid Designs U can get it at Taggers Delight  called Black Orchid Valentines Kit

I'm using a PTU artist toosh toosh go here to purchase a license toosh

font I used was Bertie size 48

Lets get started

open new image 500 x 500  U can use any size
Preset shape rectangle- Line width 5 foreground -black  background - null
draw out longish rectangle on the  left
Duplicate 3 times So u have three rectangles
place  where I have mine
use a drop shadow with these settings
Color Black
Layers merge down twice
then open a new layer
Open your scrap kit 
I'm using paper  8
copy and paste your paper
go to layers load mask 
use the mask u want to use
merge group 
layers duplicate
do this 4 times move it around so it looks good
now merge all 4 layers down 
go back to raster 1
use your magic wand click on your rectangles holding down the shift key click on all three rectangles You'll have marching ants on all three we will add our tube 
I'm using toosh toosh lady bugs U must purchase a license to use this
she has some free ones there but u must request a license when ordering 
copy paste your tube 
go to layers invert back to your key board hit delete 
then go to layers modify expand by 1 
go to effects use a drop shadow with these settings
Color Black
go to your scrap kit get out val bug re size him image re size 53 percent 
then re size another 53 percent 
use same drop shadow as before
free rotate 45 to the right make sure all layers is UN ticked
next from the kit get the hrt string re size 53 percent  move it where mine is 
add same drop shadow as above 
layers duplicate then mirror it move it to the side as I did
then back to the kit get out val letter re size it 53 percent do this two more times then image
free rotate to the left 25.01 make sure all layers is UN ticked
place it where I did 
now take the train from the kit 
re size 35 percent  place it on top 
with same drop Shadow
add your name copyright info and license if needed
then we are done 
this is the mask I used if u want to use mine

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