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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Beginner Tag Tut, Step 2 ... Adding Your Name

Okay, the hard part is done!! The tag is made.

Now, we're going to add our name to it. So, here we go!!

Be sure to save your work often, so you don't lose what you have done.

1. Open the tag you made from the tut # 1 in PSP.

2. Now we'll choose the colors we want our text to be in - both an outline color and the color we want the text to be. First we're going to click on our dropper tool, and we should now have as our cursor something that looks like an eye dropper. Now run that over your tag and choose the color you want your text to be. When you have a color you like, right click on your mouse. Your color should now show in the bottom square on your materials palette. Now, do the same for the color you want your outline to be, but left click on your mouse this time. This color will show in the top box of your materials palette.

3. Choosing the font is the next step. Click on the "A" on the tools palette - the text tool. Then look at the top of your screen and you'll see where you can choose your font. Scroll down through the list and choose one you'd like to try. Set the size at 48 and stroke at 2. Left of where you choose your font, you'll see "create as" - be sure vector is chosen. Place your cursor on your tag where you want your name to be and click. A text box will appear, and this is where you type your name. When you have your name typed and are happy with it, click apply.

3. You should have a box around your name and in the middle is a circle. Place your cursor over this, and your move tool should show up. Move your text where you want it. Now, in your layers palette, right click on "vector 1" and click on "convert to raster layer".

4. Now we're going to add an inner bevel to our name, so it doesn't look flat. Click on "effects", "3D effects", and then "inner bevel". The settings I used are

Bevel #2 Smoothness 83 Color White

Width 4 Depth 2 Angle 315

Ambience 0 Intensity 34

Shininess 56 Elevation 36

Again , play with the settings to find one you like, If you try one and don't like it, press ctrl-z to back up a step and try another one.

5. Now we'll add a drop shadow, like we did making our tag. Go to effects, 3D effects and drop shadow. The settings I use are

Vertical 2

Horizontal -4

Opacity 64

Blur 0

Color Black.

6. Now we just have to merge our two layers. To do that, click on layers, merge, and visible. Now save this as a PSP file with a different name ... maybe tag with name, or tag 2. It doesn't matter as long as you can find it for the final step in our tag - adding animation.

If you have any questions, please post them on to general board and one of our many talented taggers will be pleased to help.

Please do not claim my tutorials as your own. You are welcome to link to my tutorials, or print them out for your own use.But please do not copy them to your website, or take credit for them.

This tutorial was written by Ann. If there is any resemblance to any other tutorials, it's coincidental. Please do not claim this Tutorial as your own. Thank you.

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