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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Optimation Settings'

"Optimation Settings"
Hello everyone,
I realize that when we are saving graphics in Animation Shop, we sometimes get a real fuzzy background on our graphics, even maybe black backgrounds...
Well, that can happen when you have a drop shadow on your graphics most of the time.. Or other times as well. So this Tutorial is going to show you how to fix that problem.
First thing we need to do is open AS(Animation Shop)
Open a new canvas, size doe not matter.
Take the line tool, and just put a line on the canvas anywhere, we are doing this just to be able to get the optimization active.
Go to File, Optimization Wizard, now use the following settings:
Page one: Optimize for Animated GIF file. Put a check next to Create A New Animation from Optimized Animation, click Next.
Click the customize button,
Colors Tab
Number of colors 255, Optimized Median Cut, and error difussion.
Click the Optimizations Tab
Remove NonVisable Animation Elements. Collapse Identical Frames, Map Identical Pixels.
Partial Transparencey Tab
Convert poxels less then 40, Yes blend with (make sure to check this box) White
Or if you are doing a colored background go in and change this to your background color. Mostly you will leave it as white though.
Hit OKAY and keep hitting next until you hit the end
Okay now your settings are set for the best looking results

Note: Periodically you will have to reset your optimization in Animation Shop~ I'm not sure why the optimizations change but they do so keep this tip handy. I have to reset mine every few weeks for some reason.


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